Acceptance Guidelines

Michigan Laws & Regulations

Michigan's sold waste law and rules contain restrictions about certain waste being disposed of in municipal solid waste landfills.

Please review our WASTE ACCEPTANCE GUIDELINES for more information.

* Your cart or bags are for disposal of household waste only.
* Your cart or bags must be accessible from street-side; snow, automobiles and other obstacles must be cleared.
* Your cart or bags must be placed street-side by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
* Bag loose materials like kitty litter, animal waste, sawdust, ashes, insulation and packing peanuts.
DO NOT fill cart or bags with sod, dirt, wood, construction debris, etc.
* Carts, budget bags, tags and residential dumpsters are for household trash only.
* Bag your trash to ensure totes are emptied completely.
* We do not take paint, chemicals, whole tires or ballasts or any item that cannot be disposed of at the landfill.
* Large item pick up- Call our office or arrange pick up. Fee depends on item, Items include furniture, tv's, pluming fixtures, appliances, etc.
* If trash is not out for pick up - Call our office to see if the driver is still in the area. We may be able to come back, or pick up a different day.
* There is a charge to come back if driver is our of area. You can also put two weeks worth out the following week.

Weight Restrictions in Northern Michigan.

An inconvenience for all Our Drivers and our Customers. We do not receive any advance notice as to when they are put on. Normally late February and last at least a month usually more. During this time all trash must be in garbage bags, we are unable to drive on all roads with our trucks.

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